Nom du projet

Hamacs Géants

The giant hammocks are part of La Marche du vent, a commemorative path created for the town of Lac-Mégantic. The town sadly gained notoriety on July 6, 2013, as a freight train derailment of 72 crude oil tank cars caused a massive fire within its downtown area; an ensuing blaze led to the loss of 47 lives.

The third area along La Marche du Vent, l’Aire de détente, is a social space where five giant hammocks allow for connectedness between passersby, as well as provide a unique setting to observe the reputable starry sky of Lac-Mégantic. As a complement to this resting space, local restaurateurs can provide picnic baskets and essentials to interested visitors. A local map with different resting areas has been created to allow for the discovery of new spaces for both residents and visitors alike.